Treated Water for 7,000 more people in Urban Apia

“Treated Water for 7,000 more people in Urban Apia”

Project Title: The Project for Improvement of Urban Untreated Water Supply Schemes in Vailima, Vaivase Uta and Tapatapao

Starting in 2014, SWA started building the water intakes, treatment plants and distribution networks to deliver treated water to approximately 7,000 people in three villages on the western edge of the Apia urban area – Vailima, Vaivase Uta and Tapatapao. These villages were previously on old raw water schemes and have never had treated water. 

The new network was commissioned in September 2016, meaning that for the first time those people could access treated water, as well as having fewer problems with water leaks, better and more reliable water pressure due to the pressure controls included in the new pipelines and fewer water outages due to improved storage capacity.

With the new network in place, SWA is now putting in additional submains to extend the coverage of these networks in order to provide treated water to more people living in these areas. The installation of up to 10km of submains began in late 2016, is still ongoing and is expected to be completed by August 2017.