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The Samoa Water Authority was established in September of 1993 under the Water Authority Act 1993/1994. It currently employs an average of 180 employees spread across its premises at Saleufi, Vaitele and Salelologa. The Samoa Water Authority was established by the Water Authority Act 1993/1994 and continues under the Samoa Water Authority Act 2003. Under the Act, the Authority is empowered (through the Board of Directors and the Managing Director) to do all things lawful and necessary in the performance of its functions.

SWA is the National supplier of water services in Samoa. This includes wastewater services provided only for the central business area of Apia. About 85% of the population receives water from SWA water supply (approximately 16,000 and 4,000 customers on Upolu and Savaii respectively). The majority of the remaining population receives water from independent village water schemes (District Water Committees) whilst a few collect rainwater.

The Authority manages 5 conventional slow-sand filter water treatment plants located at Malololelei, Alaoa, Fuluasou (2), and Vailoa Palauli in Savaii and 5 new rapid-sand filtration package treatment plants located at key rural centers. All treated supplies are chlorinated to comply with the Samoa National Drinking Water Standards. Customers supplied from these treatment plants receive safe quality water on a 24-hour basis if the supply is sufficient. Customers receiving water from springs and river intakes get 24 hours supply, but the water is untreated and not disinfected. Customers supplied from boreholes receive intermittent supply depending on the pumping hours of the boreholes. 

The Authority also manages 1 wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) located at Sogi. The WWTP serves approximately 100 commercial customers within the Central Business District of Apia including the Tupua Tamasese Meaole National Hospital. 

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